A Distinction between Israel and the church

JP: Good read from the Baptist Bulletin. This view of the church and Israel will be important In our study of Romans chapters 9-11.

Why Dispensationalism Still Matters


…. dispensationalists believe in a distinction between Israel and the church. This does not always mean an absolute distinction. After all, the two institutions share the same God, the coming kingdom, and the Messiah. It also does not mean that covenant theology supporters fail to see any differences between the two in history, such as a functioning nation of Israel in the Old Testament and an international church in the New Testament.

… dispensationalism sees the church as starting on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and does not treat the word “church” as a soteriological category. Most dispensationalists, especially Baptist ones, would see the necessity of individual regeneration to be in the church. However, dispensationalists emphasize other aspects of the church’s nature and how it functions. The church has a unique relationship to Christ, something that did not exist before. Church saints are baptized into Christ or have a position of being “in Christ.” This strong identification is not true of pre-Pentecost saints.