Seven Churches of Asia


Mystery Guest Coffee – Saturday December 31st

JP: Once again it is time for Mystery Guest Coffee.

NOTE: Different location than ever before:

  • Where: Lunds in Plymouth (there is a community room on the 2nd floor)
  • When: 10:00 a.m. Arrive early and pick up coffee before you come upstairs. We have the room reserved until 11:30 but we will probably conclude shortly after 11:00
  • Address: 3455 Vicksburg Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447
  • Coffee: You buy your own at Caribou Coffee (in Lunds … just inside the entrance)
  • Refreshments: Kathee will provide breakfast pastries from the Lunds’ bakery
  • How to get to the community room: There are steps up from the check out area. An elevator is also available.

Clues: (Some simple Googling will solve this. Wikipedia helps)

  • The nasty character whose image is above: That’s Mayella’s father from To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • The town of Paulerspury is famous for ____________. Our guest is linked to that activity.
  • Francisco Pizarro is famous for this saying: “There lies ______ with its riches; Here, _____ and its poverty. Choose, each man, what [is] best “
  • Namesake was picked by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2010 NBA Draft.

Connect these easy “dots”



JP: Some important definitions for students of the book of Revelation

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Hard Times

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Hard Times


Our Pilgrim forbearers faced difficult times in the year before their first Thanksgiving in America. Nevertheless, they found reasons to praise God for their survival in a brutal wilderness.

The original Pilgrims fled to Holland in 1608 and then to America in 1620 because they were suffering persecution and imprisonment in England for their Biblical faith. Their stay in Holland was short because, although they found spiritual liberty there, a disjointed economy failed to provide adequate compensation for their labors, and a degraded and corrupt culture was tempting their children to stray from the faith.

Determined to protect their families from these spiritual and cultural dangers, the Pilgrims uprooted their community and sailed for a New World in America that offered the promise of both civil and religious liberty. Despite the hardships they encountered in these wanderings, the Pilgrims considered themselves to be “stepping stones” for future generations, whether they lived or died. Their focus was on the future and on faithfulness to God. They trusted God to sustain them in good years and bad.

Image Source: Norman Rockwell

Be the doxology!

“One day all Christians will join in a doxology and sing God’s praises with perfection. But even today, individually and corporately, we are not only to sing the doxology, but to BE the doxology.” – Francis Schaeffer –

  • This week’s lesson: Distinctive Christian Living
  • Text: Jude 17-25
  • Teaching: John Wivell

JP: Image source

Jude’s use of “these” in contrast with “you”

Jude chart

JP: I adapted this chart from a chart in the ESV study Bible. As you read through Jude note the “these” in constrast with the “you”. A sampling illustrated below:

False teachers like trees twice dead, pulled up by the roots

  • Lesson this week (November 20th): Irrational Beasts
  • Teaching: Mike Riley
  • Text: Jude 10-16
  • Key verse: “But these speak evil of whatever they do not know; and whatever they know naturally, like brute beasts, in these things they corrupt themselves” (Jude 10)
  • Image above: False teachers likened to “late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots” (vs 12). Image source: Fridays with the Farmer’s Wife