Church Planting in the US

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Church Planting in the US

First paragraphs:

The United States is often described as a land of boundless opportunity, and in many respects this is certainly true. One area of opportunity, however, that seems often to be either denied or simply ignored is the opportunity to plant new churches. Many people believe that America has all the churches it needs and that our entire missionary focus should be overseas. There are many solid reasons for disagreeing with this thinking. Why should we give fresh consideration to the need for planting churches here in theUnited States?

The most important reason is that the fulfillment of the Great Commission mandate given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ requires church planting. When the Lord said that disciples were to be baptized and taught to observe all of His commands, it presupposes the establishment of local churches in order for this to be carried out. The book of Acts clearly records that the apostles understood this (Acts2:41-47;11:19-26;14:21-23). Paul’s description of his ministry at Corinth makes it clear that he viewed himself as a church planter (1 Cor 3:5-17). Church planting is the true target of the Great Commission, so every church that is committed to the commission must be committed to church planting.

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