A Pastor remembers a friend

JP: I mentioned the untimely death of Darrin Christ in our prayer time this morning.

Darrin Christ obituary


Darrin Ray Christ died October 9, 2011 in Marietta, GA. Darrin was born May 22, 1969 in Greenville, SC to Dave and Becca Christ. He attended Bob Jones Academy and went on to Bob Jones University graduating with a BA in Bible. He pursued a masters degree in Health and Exercise Science at Furman University, and completed his degree in 1994. He then taught physical education at Bryson Elementary in Simpsonville, SC for 6 years. On September 18, 1999 he married CiCi (Cain) from Roswell, GA. Darrin and CiCi moved to Detroit, MI shortly after they were married so Darrin could attend Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He graduated in 2005 with a Master of Divinity. Son, Riley, and daughter, Reagan were born during that time. Darrin and his family moved to Roswell, GA in 2006 where Darrin taught physical education in the Marietta City Schools. They joined Lebanon Baptist Church in 2008, and Darrin was hired onto the pastoral staff as part time youth pastor. Darrin also taught the Young Married Sunday School class, and worked with the College & Career Group during the summer months. Darrin is survived by his wife CiCi, son Riley, daughter Reagan, parents Dave and Becca, brother Derrick, and grandmother, Lorine Schaeffer.

Pastor Larry Rogier (Larry is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in River Rouge, MI.): Thoughts On the Death of a Friend


While that is unsettling for some, if I thought for one minute that God was up in heaven earnestly desiring to hold back the powers of death from His child, my friend, but ultimately unable to, I would never preach again. I would have nothing good to say about a God who is so loving as to not want people to die a physical death, but so impotent as to be unable to stop it. What assurance can such impotence give of a future resurrection and hope? That would be a God unworthy of the very lives we wish to preserve. That would be the doctor who was in the ER that night. He meant well. Tried hard. Did all he could do. But fell short.

Worthy of thanks and gratitude, to be sure. But worthy of worship that bows down and offers a life? Surely not.

Last Sunday, God, for reasons sufficient to himself in his providence and wisdom, declared the life journey of my friend to be completed.

He decided it was time to free my friend from the shackles of this broken world, and the chains of his broken body.

And so, last Sunday, God called him. He said, “Come. It’s time. You’ve had enough.”

And he was gone.

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