Multi-Church Young Adult Fellowship

Image source: Volleyball game at Coleman Lamp Company employees’ picnic in Linwood Park – 1916

Details: Email from Pastor Lunde:

I am pastor Lunde of the West River Road Baptist Church, in Brooklyn Park, and I have had, for some time, a desire to see our college and career aged church members and their friends, married or single, have times of fellowship and encouragement and fun and sports and just being together.

Therefore, rather than wait for someone to do something, sometime, I have made plans to invite you, others in your churches, and anyone else you know to come to our church building on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH from 4 – 7 pm to play some volley ball, touch football (or flag), soccer, etc. and have a Barbecue followed by a time of fellowship, songs, short Bible study and general chat and get to know each other. If it rains, we will move in for table games.

I think adults in their late teens through the 30’s have some real opportunities to encourage one another and build one another up, make new friends and meet new people, but only if we know who each other is, and only if we actually get together and do it. So, let’s get together and have some fun.

If you or others in your church college / career aged group want to join us, just come, bring some meat to throw on the BBQ and a salad to put on the table for everyone to share. We will take care of drinks, bread and condements, plates etc. Bring a friend who does not yet know the Lord, and bring a New Testament along for our Bible time. You will love it, and perhaps you will be encouraged in the Lord.

By the way, if you know anyone else who may be interested in this, let them know and let me have their e-mail if that is all right. If you do not want to have these invitations, let me know that too.

Thanks for taking a minute to read this, and God bless you in your walk with God and growing Christian life.

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