On Obedience

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How to Obey When the Feelings Aren’t There


I am often asked what a Christian should do if the cheerfulness of obedience is not there. It is a good question. My answer is not to simply get on with your duty because feelings are irrelevant! My answer has three steps.

First, confess the sin of joylessness. Acknowledge the culpable coldness of your heart. Don’t say it doesn’t matter how you feel.

Second, pray earnestly that God would restore the joy of obedience.

Third, go ahead and do the outward dimension of your duty in the hope that the doing will rekindle the delight.

Marks of a True Christian


Proposition1: A Christian must have a great love for the truth; all splendid pretense void of love for the truth is deceit.

Proposition 2: A Christian must have great love and esteem for the church.

Proposition 3: The Holy Scriptures are the only rule for doctrine and life.

Proposition 4: Regeneration is the originating cause of spiritual life, and of all spiritual thoughts and deeds.

Proposition 5: A Christian avails himself of faith.

Proposition 6: All of man’s felicity, here and hereafter, consists in communion with and the beholding of God.

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