The Office – 1924 (The Bonus Bureau)

JP: Image source . Caption: November 24, 1924. Washington, D.C. “Bonus Bureau, Computing Division. Many clerks figure the amount of the bonus each veteran is entitled to.”

Several have asked about the classroom and the use of tables. We are in a seminary classroom and the defautl setup is tables and chairs in either two or three rows. We we started using the classroom, our attendance was light, and so that worked for us to just use the setup as is. But as attendence has gotten up near 30 it just does not work for us anymore.

4 or five people (typically Ben, Juliet, John, Beth and others) arrive early and take down the tables and arrange the chairs for our class. As you know we have tried multiple configurations. They always have a table in the back near the side for your’s truly to sit because I cannot easily get up from a chair but I can get up fairly well by leveraging myself against a table top (thanks for understanding!).

As good classroom “citizens” we need to return the classroom to the default seminary configuration. Many who arrive after 9:05 of so have not realized that the tables have been taken down.

I think we have a very good classroom … it has multiple white-boards, windows, and is always comfortable. So I am thankful that we are not crammed into uncomfortable space.

I know the situation is less than ideal but we have a responsibility to reset the classroom to the default seminary setup.

I urge your patience, understanding and cooperation about this. Many hand make light work and I encourage us to help at the end class to set the tables up and arrange with the chairs in rows!

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