On Celebrity: “Popularity is, to use Jonathan Edwards phrase, a non-sign”

JP: A interesting read from Kevin DeYoung

7 Theses on “Celebrity Pastors”


Hitler was popular for a time, but so was Jesus. It’s no necessary sign of faithfulness or faithlessness that many people go to Pastor X’s church or love to hear him speak or want to buy his books. Bigger may be better or it may be badder.

We ought to find ways to give great honor to the parts of the body that lack it (1 Cor. 12:24). This may mean thanking your faithful pastor more often even though his sermons will never be in a preaching anthology. It may mean writing a note to the servants at our churches with behind the scenes gifts. It certainly means that those with pronounced up-front teaching gifts should look for ways to direct attention away from themselves in order that they might honor “those other parts of the body.”

Following your favorite speakers like teenage girls followed John, Paul, George, and Ringo is silly.

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