Died in service for his country and his God!

JP: I post this news with a heavy heart. Please be in prayer for the family

Chaplain (CPT) Dale Goetz, US Army – killed while on active duty by a roadside bomb

I received a sobering phone cal this morning from Lt Col Chet Chapman, chairman of our Chaplain’s Commission. He had just been notified that CPT Dale Goetz, US Army, was killed while on active duty by a roadside bomb. I do not have any other details.

Dr. and Mrs Chapman will be flying to Colorado to be with Mrs Goetz and the family as well as to assist with any responsibilities that he may have related to this incident.

I wanted you to get this note so that you might remember the family in prayer.

As far as I recall this is the first chaplain that was killed on active duty as one of our men endorsed by the ACCC. There might have been one during the Korean or Viet Nam wars, but I am not sure.

Ralph G. Colas

ACCC Executive Secretary

Psalm 116:15

Captain Dale Goetz, Chaplain

“He had a great burden for the soldiers,” said Jason Parker, pastor of High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs. “His specific prayer request was to see 300 soldiers come to Christ. He was also praying for God to call 10 of those soldiers into the ministry. That was one of his specific prayer requests.

“God was using him. He was very actively witnessing. He didn’t want to be just a social worker. He wanted to see soldiers hear the Gospel and trust Christ.”

Goetz, a 1995 Maranatha graduate, died Monday morning, Aug. 30, in Afghanistan while serving as an Army chaplain. Parker said Goetz was one of four men killed by a roadside bomb while traveling in a convoy near Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan. His death was also confirmed in an Internet posting by Ralph Colas, Executive Secretary of the American Council of Christian Churches. Goetz was one of the group’s approved chaplains.

An Army spokesman at Fort Carson said he had no details. A phone call to one of the base chaplains was not immediately returned. Parker said funeral arrangements were pending, based on the Army’s timetable for the return of Goetz’s body.

Goetz is survived by wife Christy (Moen), also a 1995 Maranatha graduate, and three sons–Landon, Caleb, and Joel. His youngest son, Joel, was born in September of 2009.

Goetz completed his Master of Divinity degree at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis in 2000. He was pastor of a church in White, S.D., until beginning his work toward chaplaincy. Goetz was commissioned in January of 2004.

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