Update on Tim: “Thank you Lord for another day of life and the strength to enjoy it.”

JP: Thanks for continuing to pray for Tim. Below his an except from his status today

Tim VanderVeld Caring Bridge site

My hospice nurse is on vacation so I did not have a home visit this morning. Late last night I did get a call from hospice seeing if everything was ok. It was and so we decided that unless I was in any immediate danger we would not meet. She asked me the normal questions which were answered satisfactory and agreed to talk later in the week.

I always praise the Lord when I am alive and strong enough to do the many things I love. Every night Deb and I take a late walk together with the dog and when we come to the bend in the path which goes slightly uphill I say and I quote “Thank you Lord for another day of life and the strength to enjoy it.” The simple things of life like movement, a good mind, and strength to do the many things in life we love to do are important. Add on top of that the people who you love the most by your side and this has to be close to heaven in many ways.

This weeks report reveals that I am alive and well. I did play nine holes of golf the other day. I am able to study and prepare my new lesson which I will launch this week in Sojournerers and Potter Clays. Call Kay Larson or Mike Herzog to get on the teaching schedule. It is a message about the church, our church! The greatest institution ever created which I have served with joy and gladness for the past 7 years. A total of 29 years through a lifetime of work.
So as the weeks come and go know that the Lord and His purposes are being lived out through my life and the life of my family. We are honored to be part of all of this and cannot wait to see what God is going to do in the future.

As some of you may already know I am scheduled to see my oncologist on Monday afternoon at 2:45 pm. I am anxious to see him again. He knows that I am alive because he gets the weekly hospice reports each week which say he is still alive! I am sure we will embrace and shake hands but will he understand the miracle we have been living the past 6 months? I almost have difficulty believing it myself. When God says let us take an adventure together He means it. Thank you Lord for the adventure. Now we move to chapter two with this new message and hope it brings truth to the church and glory to the Savior.

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