I prayed quietly and squeezed my carbine stock

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God’s comfort on Peleliu

Another quote from Eugene Sledge’s WWII memoir (p. 91)

More on the Battle of Peleliu here.

Remembering those who served

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Eugene Sledge

Photo of the author above. He had his 18th birthday in combat! More on Eugene Sledge here and here

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.

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Towards an understanding of worldliness – pt. 2

JP: 2nd Don Johnson article on worldliness

towards an understanding of worldliness – pt. 2

In coming to our definition of worldly, we recognize that some things are worldly because they belong to this world and its affairs. In this sense, worldly things are earthly or natural. There is nothing inherently evil about worldly things in this sense.

However, it is undeniable that there is also a negative sense of worldly in the Scriptures. In this sense, something of this world or this life is worldly because in its earthliness or in one’s preoccupation with it, it is or becomes opposed to the life of the spirit or of heaven.

Faith Is Ravaged by Worldliness but Rejuvenated by Submission

JP: Notes for our lesson on Sunday May 9th

Thoughtful article on worldliness

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toward an understanding of worldliness – pt. 1


What is worldliness?

On that question hangs a good deal of the debate in Christian circles about which practices are acceptable and appropriate for Christians and which are not. We are surrounded by a mass of Christian relativism that creates great confusion. For some Christians, it seems to have come down to Scriptural prohibitions as the only definition of right and wrong. Almost anything goes. Who is to say what is right and wrong about any lifestyle or practice if it is not specifically prohibited in Scripture?