Jesus was the Jew of all Jews

JP: An interesting read (from 1943) by Francis Schaeffer:

The Fundamentalist Christian and Anti-Semitism


… Christ was a Jew. When we open the New Testament to Matthew 1:1, we find the very first claim made concerning Christ is that he sprang from Abraham and was a descendant of David. The Bible does not say that Jesus just happened to be a Jew, but the Word emphasizes over and over again that he was a Jew.

When He was eight days old, He was taken to the Temple and circumcized as was every Jewish male. Therefore, we must remember that Jesus bore in His body the physical mark of the Jewish people. When He was twelve, He was dedicated at the Temple, again emphasizing that His Jewish race and Jewish faith were not incidental to Him, but that from His early training they were His vital human background. During His public ministry, as an adult man, the Bible teaches that while repudiating purely human Jewish traditions, His life carefully conformed to Old Testament standards. In fact, He lived in such a way that even the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah were fulfilled fully in Him. He was the Jew of all Jews.


Ezekiel lesson # 3 (12/20/2009)

JP: Outline of our lesson for Sunday 12/20:

  1. Signs of Judgment (4:1-5:4)
    1. Sign of the “clay tablet” and “iron plate” (4:1-3)
    2. Sign of the prophet’s position (4:4-8)
    3. Sign of the defiled bread and measured water (4:9-17)
    4. Sign of the shaved head and beard (5:1-4)
  2. Causes for Judgment (5:5-6:14)
    1. Rebellion (5:6,7)
    2. Idolatry (5:8,9)
    3. Defilement (5:11)
    4. Spiritual Adultery (6:8-10)
  3. Judgment Described (7:1-27)
    1. Pronounced (7:1-13)
    2. Portrayed (7:14-27)
  4. Results of Judgment (7:1-27)
    1. Desolation
    2. Knowledge of God


  • As New Testament people of God we have a special privilege (1 Peter 2:9-10)
  • We have a responsibility to live lives of consecration and holiness (I Peter 1:15-17)
  • Christians are warned about idolatry (Colossians 3:5)
  • Because God loves His children, He will discipline them (Hebrews 12:6-8)

Ezekiel lesson # 2 (12/13/2009)

Outline for this coming Sunday:

  1. The Wonder of God (1:1-28)
    1. Other unusual visions of God as revealed in the Scriptures
    2. A whirlwind (1:4)
    3. The Four living Creatures (Cherubim) (1:5-14)
    4. The Four Wheels (1:15-21)
    5. The Expanse (1:22-25)
    6. The Throne (1:26-28)
  2. Ezekiel’s commission (2:1-3:3)
    1. To an unfaithful people (2:1-4)
    2. With a faithful message (2:5-3:3)
  3. Ezekiel’s Instructions (3:4-27)
    1. Mission to the nation of Israel (3:4-11)
    2. Ministry to the exiles in Babylon (3:12-15)
    3. Ministry as a watchman (3:16-21)
    4. Ministry in his house (3:22-27)

Ezekiel introduction

JP: Handout for 12/6/2009