My King Won’t Bow

JP: Interesting read by “The Irish Calvinist”. Comment: This is not about whether President Obama should or should not have bowed before the Japanese Emperor Akihito and his wife!

My King Won’t Bow


This is a news story that causes me to be reminded and refreshed by my King. Indeed he is all powerful. He has no rivals. He cannot be defeated. He will not fail. He will not bow. In fact, when he comes to reign on earth all people everywhere, indeed even kings & presidents, they will bow down before him (Phil. 2.9-11 ). He alone is worthy (Rev. 5.11-13 ).

Just like the kings in the Bible provoke me to see their lack of Christlikeness so to my president causes me to hunger and long for a King who does not bow. Instead he stands to receive the praise that is due him as the unrivaled King of glory the King of kings.

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