Weddings: “Eye-popping amounts of money” spent on the wrong things

JP: Thoughtful article on the Christian wedding ceremony!

Lord of the Wedding Dance: What a Christian marriage ceremony is all about.


… it’s wise to start by forgoing the persistent myth that the wedding ceremony is all about you, the individual that also looms large in contemporary politics and all consumerist rhetoric. Since marriage is at root about two individuals fulfilling their needs and wants, the cultural logic goes, the wedding day is therefore about reflecting those needs and wants. This creed is especially pervasive in Modern Bride and other wedding industry magazines, which remind every young woman that “her day” will be a disaster unless all the details match her wishes.

While no Christian wants to omit God from the wedding guest list, many weddings do so functionally by drawing attention to all the wrong things. More time is devoted to the processional than the vows. Eye-popping amounts of money are spent on details that few will remember a week later. Clothing and music are chosen expressly to stand out rather than to honor and edify those gathered. Vows are made up to reflect the couple’s individuality rather than scriptural wisdom or church teaching on marriage.

…. the key to a properly ordered wedding ceremony has less to do with us than we think. It begins with the Holy Spirit, giving all parties in the marriage covenant a desire to honor God, admonish and encourage one another, and invite to the big day those who do not know the gospel, allowing the celebration to become a witness to Christ and his Bride and their own wedding day in the new kingdom.

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