4 Truths About the Coming Resurrection

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4 Truths About the Coming Resurrection


  1. The Resurrection Will Be Physical.We will not be ethereal spirits throughout eternity, but will be raised with physical bodies forever.

    We know this because, first of all, that’s the meaning of the term resurrection. More significantly, we know this because Jesus was raised physically from the dead (see, for example, Luke 24:2; 39-43), and this passage here tells us that our bodies will be like his. Since his resurrection was physical, ours will be as well.

    As a side note here, it is worth noting: Jesus still has his body and will have it forever. When speaking of Christ’s return— a time in the future— the text says that he will transform our body “to be like his glorious body.” Jesus still has his body now; he will have it when he returns; and he will have it forever.

  2. The Same Body that Dies, Gets RaisedWe often talk of getting “new bodies” at the resurrection. And that does get at a truth (which I’ll cover next), but we shouldn’t understand that to mean that God ditches our bodies that we have now and starts from scratch.

    Our bodies will be raised, not abandoned. That’s the meaning of the term resurrection. We believe in the resurrection of the dead. The body that dies, rises.

    This follows, once again, not only from the meaning of the term “resurrection,” but also from the fact that Christ was raised in the same body that died. That’s what the empty tomb shows, as well as the scars (John 20:27). Since Christ’s resurrection is the pattern of our resurrection, we will therefore also be raised in the same body that dies.

  3. Our Bodies Will be TransformedThe same body that dies rises, but not to the same state. Right now our bodies are in a “lowly” state. They will be raised to a glorious state—just like Jesus’ body.

    As Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:42-44, our current bodies are perishable, lowly, and weak. Our resurrected bodies will be imperishable, glorious, and powerful. And, they will be spiritual, which means fully directed and empowered by the Spirit.

  4. We Will Be With Christ ForeverLast is the best news of all: Once we are raised, we shall always be with the Lord. Paul brings this all together well in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18

Barack Obama Bible Cover

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Source: Barack Obama – African American Bible Cover

Would be just as tasteless with a Republican!

Halloween book burning

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Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton NC will have book burning on Halloween


The Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina plans to burn Bibles and books by Christian authors on Halloween. Pastor Marc Grizzard said that the King James Bible version is the only one his church follows. Grizzard said that all other versions, such as the Living Bible, are “satanic” and “perversions” of God’s word. Grizzard and 14 members of the Church will burn music and books by Billy Graham and Rick Warren and other Christian authors…

Image source: Nazi Book Burning

Doug Roman comments: Insanity. Pure Insanity

Tanzania: The havoc wreaked by false teachers

But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. (2 Peter 2:1)

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This gospel is killing Africa


Obnoxious. Shameful.

Those two words describe the sounds emanating from a tent made from tree limbs and an old blue UN tarp some 200 meters from our house. A few gospel shysters are hawking salvation at 100 decibels. No kidding. With a generator, an amplifier, and a few speakers cranked all the way up, they’re blowing Sweya out with a different gospel. Picture walking into a club with booming music and deejay shouting in rhythm over all the noise. That’s what it sounds like…from the inside of our house.

I think today is the third day.

It’s beyond sad.

This morning they prayed from 5:00 to 6:30 over the speakers. During one ten minute stretch, not five seconds passed without a “in the name of Jesus” sprinkled in there (I counted). That’s hard to do. And that was indicative of the entire prayer. I’ve don’t recall ever hearing so many words say so little.

From 6:30 until I left for Shadi at 8, they had really loud and tacky canned music.

Kara said the preaching and music was on and off all day long.

When I returned around 5:45 pm, they were preaching. It’s now 8:30 pm and someone just mercifully pulled the plugged on their generator. I’m hoping they just didn’t run out of petrol and have sent someone to the corner store to pick up a few more liters. It would be nice to go to bed without them bloviating in my ear.

Yesterday I walked down the street to check them out. There were about 50-100 people in and around the tent. Three or four people were standing in front ranting and raving about making someone’s legs the same length. Next came someone who couldn’t speak. The preachers kept shoving the microphone in her mouth, but she never uttered a word. While all this was going on, kids were playing and fighting with each other. Adults were shooting the breeze as if nothing out of the ordinary were happening.

For these preachers, salvation was all about physical healing, financial gain, and binding Satan. NOT ONE shred of Scripture was read or quoted for all the hours that I was force-fed their trash. The words sin and forgiveness never crossed their lips. Not even once. The one time I heard Christ’s death and resurrection mentioned was in connection with freedom from physical pain. Nothing about dying in our place, for our sin. Neither was anything mentioned about new life in Christ. Think about that. Claiming to be an evangelist, preaching for hours every day, and not once mentioning any of these things.

Pastor Paulo sent me a text at 5 this morning asking if I could hear all the confusion. He’s the guy that’s got to clean all this mess up in the village, along with the rest of the Sweya believers. The false teachers will move on, leaving a train wreck of confused people in their wake.

HT: Dave Doran: Heretics without Borders

Can You Be a Christian and Deny the Trinity?

St Andrew, Wissett, Suffolk

A 19th century representation of the medieval symbol of the Holy Trinity at Wissett CofE parish church. P stands for Pater (‘father’), F for Filius (‘son’), S for Spiritus (‘spirit’) and D for Deus (‘God’). The lines linking the other symbols read non est (‘is not’), but the lines linking to the middle read est (‘is’).

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Can You Be a Christian and Deny the Trinity?


A Mormon asked me this question a number of years ago, and through the years here at church, I’ve asked a number of people this question, and I wanted to get your opinion. Can you become a Christian if you deny the Trinity?


I would answer, “No.” If you don’t believe in the Trinity, then you don’t understand who God is. You may say the word “God” but you don’t understand His nature. Second, you couldn’t possibly understand who Christ is–that He is God in human flesh. The Incarnation of Christ is an essential component of the biblical gospel, as John 1:1-14 and many other biblical passages make clear. To deny the Trinity is to deny the Incarnation. And to deny the Incarnation is to wrongly understand the true gospel.

In saying that, I realize that such an answer is going to not only impact people that you may have witnessed to (like Mormons), but it also applies to some in the broader Pentecostal movement, called United Pentecostals or “Jesus-Only” Pentecostals. Such individuals hold to a kind of modalism, where God is sometimes in the mode of the Father or the mode of the Son or the mode of the Spirit, but He’s never all three at the same time. That too is a deficient and heretical view of the Trinity. It denies the distinct Personhood of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The same question sometimes arises about the Virgin Birth. I think it is possible for a person to become a Christian before learning about the details of the Virgin Birth, though that person would certainly assume that Jesus Christ must have had a unique birth since He is both God and man. But, if someone knows about the Virgin Birth and says, “I deny the Virgin Birth,” then he is simultaneously denying the deity of Christ, and also the Trinity. Such a person betrays the fact that they do not understand the gospel, and therefore cannot have truly been saved.

Image Source: Simon_K on Flickr

Emerging adulthood – a new life phase?

Hebrews 2:1, Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.

JP: An interesting read from Christianity Today. See further comment after the quoted section.

Lost in Transition


Americans ages 18-29 enjoy more options for work, marriage, and location than perhaps any previous generation. They are also one of the most self-focused, confused, and anxious age groups, led into an “adultolescence” that prevents a majority from committing to people and institutions.

A higher proportion of American youth are spending more years in higher education. They are waiting a lot longer before they get married and have kids. That’s partly related to wanting to stay in school longer. It’s partly related to wanting to be “free” longer. It’s also associated with things like the availability of artificial contraception.

Another factor is changes in the global economy that make jobs more fluid and unpredictable. You no longer settle into a job that you’ll have the rest of your life. You may be transferred, you may lose your job, you may need retraining, you may need specialized education. All of this puts young people on edge, wanting to keep their options open when it comes to work.

All this has also created cultural changes that perpetuate an interest in being wild and free, sexually hopping around, for a time. As they exit the teenage years, young people basically understand they have up to 12 years before having a family and settling into their “real job.” And those are very important years.

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is still the de facto practiced religious faith, but it becomes a little more complicated for emerging adults. They have more life experience, so some of them are starting to ask, “Does MTD really work? Isn’t life more complicated than this?” MTD is easier to believe and practice when you are in high school.

There is also a much larger segment of emerging adults than of teenagers that is outrightly hostile to religion. Some who previously were MTDS have become anti-religious. That said, the center of gravity among emerging adults is definitely MTD. Most emerging adults view religion as training in becoming a good person. And they think they are basically good people. To not be a good person, you have to be a horrible person. Therefore, everything’s fine.

Image source: Magda Wojtyra: RNA Studio – “Driftwood Victoria beach”

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