Providing compassionate outreach to pregnant women in crisis


JP: Thoughtful article on volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Interested in helping? Contact Colleen Tronson at Metro Women’s Center

Volunteer at a Center: The pro-life movement’s next move is to foster an explosion of people who do support women facing unplanned pregnancies.


Can you imagine what our nation might look like if every pro-life individual applied the full weight of his or her passion to reaching out with support and care to women facing crisis pregnancies?

Not only would this radically reduce the number of abortions, it would also powerfully communicate the God-given value of human life. While we have limited opportunities to promote a “culture of life” on legal and political fronts, there is no limit to what you and I can do to inspire life, one person at a time.

As a result of volunteers’ efforts, the hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands of women and children are saved, touched, and healed. The ripple effect is eternal.

What makes volunteering at a pregnancy center so profound and rewarding is developing a loving relationship with a woman in need. One young woman named Rachael visited a pregnancy center when she was five months pregnant, addicted to heroin, and wondering whether partial-birth abortion might still be an option.

Not only did the pregnancy center provide the practical help of getting her connected to a nonprofit physician who provided care during her at-risk pregnancy (which resulted in the birth of a healthy girl), her peer counselor also shared the love and story of Jesus Christ with her. Rachael said of her volunteer counselor, “I think that was the first time in a really long time that I felt like someone actually cared about me.”

You may think, I want to help, but I don’t know that I am able. But everyone can do something. There is no talent or skill a pregnancy center cannot utilize and translate into the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to women like Rachael. In volunteering, you will join a legacy of Christians who for centuries have provided compassionate outreach to pregnant women in crisis.

It’s easy to feel powerless to effect change in the political arena. Yet each of us has the power to inspire life every day by simply offering grace and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies—whether at a pregnancy center or maybe even in your own family. What the pro-life movement must do next is foster an explosion of people who do just this.