Til the Storm Passes By

JP: From Jim Korth (a close friend):

Jim Korth: Storm Stories

Over the last week there has been a lot in the Charlotte and Raleigh news looking back at some past storms. It was 20 years ago when Hurricane Hugo wrecked havoc on Charlotte and points west, and 10 years ago when Hurricane Floyd brought great flooding to Raleigh and points east.

We hear stories of survival, as well as stories of the lasting impact these storms have had on the state.

Yesterday at church we heard a message on “Til the Storm Passes By” from Matthew 14:22-32. As I’ve been thinking about the message I saw four ways we need to respond to the storms that come in life, be they storms sent our way by God, as a result of our own sin, or as a result of living in a sin-stained world.

  1. LOOK – Look up to the Lord in the midst of the storm. Often the storms that come distract us and, in an effort to find release, we turn to everything BUT the Lord. We might look for help from others, from ourselves, or from secular ideas. We need to be sure we look to the Lord as our first resource and not our last resort.
  2. LEAN – We need to entrust ourselves to God in the midst of the storm remembering that nothing happens by mistake and nothing catches God by surprise. We remember that we are not to lean on our own understanding, but to remember that He is sovereign over all things and that all things are working together to accomplish His good purposes. Lena on the truth that God is good, He always does what is right, and He always does what is best.
  3. LEARN – Never let a good storm go to waste. Se each one as a learning opportunity. How could I have better prepared for this storm (spiritually and emotionally)? How is this storm going to change my life and conform me more to the image of Christ? Did this storm come as a result of my own foolish decisions, or was it something sent by God to train me?
  4. LEAD – We don’t experience storms in a vacuum. What we are experiencing is also being experienced by others. A storm may be an opportunity for us to exercise our spiritual gifts and strengthen others as we bear up under the storm together.

Perhaps in a storm God will use you to help others to LOOK, LEAN, and LEARN.

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