Flight 93, the Crater and the Open Book

Flight 93

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Flight 93, the Crater and the Open Book


But I knew none of this at the time. What I knew was that a plane had crashed in Somerset County. There was a fire ball, smoke, and a crater. The black box was driven 25 feet into the earth, the plane and its inhabitants had disintegrated over an area of almost a hundred acres. In fact, the Lutheran minister who owns that patch of land no longer thinks of it as his campground, but as a cemetery.

Remarkably, not everything disintegrated: there was an open Bible in the middle of the field. Where steel had been shattered, a book remained intact. The first responders were not able to find any piece of metal larger than a pie plate, and yet they found a Bible. Where human flesh had been instantly cremated, paper was only slightly singed. The Bible was seen by the fire chief, two state police officers, and some members of the national guard, in that order.

There were only two objects that could be recognized in the field by the crater: a burning tire and an open Bible. The pages were ‘white as snow’ according to the fire chief, and opened to 1 Kings 12-16, which tells the story of Israel after the golden age of David and Solomon, when the nation began a long period of oscillation between good and bad kings.

Someone bagged the Bible and tagged it and by the time it reached the coroner, it was opened to Psalm 121, the Vis Montium, a funeral Psalm. “I shall life up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. Me help cometh only from the Lord” — that name again — “from whence cometh my help.”

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People rhetorically ask where God was on 9/11 as though He wasn’t anywhere. Or they ask it accusingly, the way a detective asks a suspect if he has an alibi. “Where were you on the morning of September the 11th? . . . Can anyone confirm your alibi?”

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