Another Swine Flu prevention tip!

the ampulla containing the blood of Saint Januarius

JP: Akin to Don’t Pucker Up to St James: Good things coming from the H1N1 virus (aka “the swine flu”). Filed under “Weird Religious News”

H1N1 flu stops Italians kissing saint’s blood

Fear of H1N1 flu will stop devout Neapolitans from performing the time-honored ritual of kissing the blood of their patron Saint Gennaro when the city’s annual festival begins later this month.

The decision to forbid kissing of the glass vial containing the saint’s blood was taken reluctantly by ecclesiastical and city authorities Monday, and has brought protests from local politicians.

The vial will be put on display in the city’s cathedral for a week from September 19 and the faithful will be allowed to touch it only with their foreheads.

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