God’s Merciful Purpose (Part 2)

JP: We conclude Romans 11 this Wednesday (9/9/09). I found this quote from Alva McClains’ commentary helpful.

The person who has mastered the first eleven chapters of the book of Romans knows more about the philosophy of history than all the wisest historians the world has even seen. There is a philosophy of history here that is unmatched! It makes the historians of the earth appear like children playing with their toys. In these eleven chapters, Paul shows us the original human race. The race is split into two segments: Jew and Gentile. Then came the promises. But the Jew failed to receive the promises by crucifying the Messiah, resulting in the expansion of the promises to all. Then the two segments of the race come together again. God having mercy on all.

My notes are available here: God’s Merciful Purpose (Part 2)

Image source: University of Toronto | Lake Constance

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