1969: The Boeing 747

American Airlines 747

JP: 1969 was the year of my salvation (November 1969). Not every 1969 event had to do with my salvation, but nevertheless the events I mention were a part of my life. (Previous Post: 1969: The year everything changed)

My Sister worked for American Airlines. She was able to get me an interview for “Campus Sales Representative” to the University of Cincinnati. I worked as a Campus Sales Rep for my Junior and Senior years. The pay was low – $ 50 per month ($ 293 per month in 2009 dollars), but the benefits were terrific. I received two free passes per year to fly anywhere on American Airlines. In my Junior year I flew to San Diego to go scuba diving. In my Senior year I worked a schedule to fly to New York (LaGuardia), take a cab to Kennedy Airport and fly a 747 from New York to Los Angeles.

The 747 first introduced in 1969 and had its first commercial flight in 1970. More information on this here!

My flight was first class – in the hump-like upper deck that served as a first class lounge. Flying was different then: airlines were regulated and the planes rarely flew packed! There was no security getting onto the planes, the service was spectacular, and it was fun!

Image source: AirlinesGallery

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