God-Focused Sanctification

JP: Good Jerry Bridges quote cited by Chris Anderson

[I]t is clear that [Calvin] regards a zealous pursuit of holiness as the normal Christian life.

Such an ardent pursuit of Christlikeness requires a strong motivation. To find it, Calvin appeals to the blessings of God:

  • God has revealed Himself as a Father; therefore, we should behave as His children.
  • Christ has purified us through His blood; therefore, we should not become defiled by fresh pollution.
  • Christ has united us to His body as His members; therefore, we should not disgrace Him by any blemish.
  • Christ ascended to heaven; therefore, we should leave our carnal desires behind and life our hearts upward to Him.
  • The Holy Spirit has dedicated us as temples of God; therefore, we should exert ourselves not to profane His sanctuary, but to display His glory.
  • Both our soul and body are destined to inherit an incorruptible and never-fading crown; therefore, we should keep them pure and undefiled.” (pp. 222-223, emphasis his)
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