If Jay and Katie could do it, I guess I could too!

JP: Today I had one of those very uncomfortable medical procedures. Oh the perils of turning 60! I was supposed to have it at 50 but I procrastinated for three years and had it at 53! Last year when I turned 59, my Doctor said it was time and I said I’m waiting a year.

In the past several months, I’ve whined about this to my Mother, my Brother, my Wife, my Sister and an assorted number of other relatives. They all have suffered the indignation and have mockingly made fun of me so today was my day!

Jay Adam’s comments on his. Katie Couric comments on hers.

I’m glad that it is done and that I can wait another 10 years for another. Perhaps the Lord will rapture me first! Thanks all for praying for me! (I am eating a banana and drinking apple juice …. first food since Saturday morning!)

Image Source: Blig Blug and Friends

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