The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers salvation from sin, not a platform for earthly prosperity

JP: Albert Mohler comments on the Prosperity Gospel. After the quote are two links to which he references. See my additional comments below.

It Promises Far Too Little — The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology

Sincere believers in Christ are found among both the impoverished and the wealthy, but the vast multitude of Christian believers throughout the ages have experienced nothing that can be described as material wealth. Their hope was and is established in Christ, who accomplished their salvation from sin and secures their hopes for eternal life through His death and resurrection.

Prosperity theology is a False Gospel. Its message is unbiblical and its promises fail. God never assures his people of material abundance or physical health. Instead, Christians are promised the riches of Christ, the gift of eternal life, and the assurance of glory in the eternal presence of the living God.

In the end, the biggest problem with prosperity theology is not that it promises too much, but that it promises far too little. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers salvation from sin, not a platform for earthly prosperity. While we should seek to understand what drives so many into this movement, we must never for a moment fail to see its message for what it is — a false and failed gospel.

Time: Does God Want You To Be Rich?

NYTimes: Believers Invest in the Gospel of Getting Rich

JP: My final comment is Paul’s exhortation: “We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22)

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