Time magazine: “What Came Before the Big Bang?”

JP: Interesting read from Time Magazine. Biblical checkpoint: The Bible teaches an ex nihilo creation. See earlier post for details on this.

What Came Before the Big Bang?


[On the theory’s major flaws]: There’s an expectation that the Big Bang should have produced a rippling effect, almost like an aftershock, where we could see subtle variations in gravity that have carried on ever since then. A lot of money has been spent on experiments to try and detect these gravity waves and they literally have never, ever found anything. Even if they do exist, they’re probably not at levels we could detect.

[On God]: There is no sensible answer for the Big Bang unless you move over into the religious side and say, “Well, it began because God began it.” That’s why quite a lot of scientists are nervous about the Big Bang. They quite prefer having something that doesn’t require somebody sort of poking a finger in and saying, “Now it’s starting.”

[On why scientists refuse to question the Big Bang theory]: The fact is science is like any other social network. It’s a lot easier to go along with the crowd. Every now and then there’s a revolution in science, a paradigm shift, like when Einstein came along, but it’s so easy to lock people into a particular way of thinking, of trying to build on the ideas that are in vogue. In the end, there is almost a fashion in science — ideas that are in, ideas that are out.

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