How and Why

You’ve often heard me talk about “the how and the why” of salvation. I thought I would briefly illustrate this using an action that we have done hundreds of times – turning on a lamp:

  • Even a 3 year old can turn on a lamp. Little ones may need to stand on a stool but little hands can easily reach a light switch and flip it up and the lights go on. An adult might even instruct a toddler to turn on or off a light switch. It’s that simple. One flips the switch up and the lamp turns on! Flip the switch down and the lamp turns off! This is the how of turning on a lamp – flip the switch!
  • What’s behind the scenes of turning on a lamp is very complex. Perhaps some have installed electrical wiring or a light switch. Were one to remove the switch plate, the switch itself would be exposed. If one were to tear out drywall, you would see cable running through the studs and down through the floor and to a power outlet box.
  • Even more complex is the system of transformers and transmission lines. More complex still is the generation of electricity: hydroelectric, or gas / oil / coal fired power plants. Even more complex would be nuclear generation.
  • The above image illustrates the simple how of turning on a lamp … and to the left the complex why of what goes on behind the scenes. For more on a coal-fired electrical plant click here.

  • Salvation likewise has a how and a why. The above image illustrates this.
  • Verses like Romans 10:13 or John 3:16 describe the how of salvation. These verses in the correct context about sin, the person and work of the Savior, and repentance and faith are appropriate to share with the lost!
  • Verses like Romans 8:29,30 describe the why of salvation. They are not designed to be part of a gospel presentation but rather to strengthen a believer in understanding the great work of sovereign grace. (Previous blog post on this topic).
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