Counterfeit Gifts

JP: Have you ever had one of those gold foil chocolate coins. I’m not particularly fond of them myself. I think all but a 3 year old understands that they are not really gold coins!

Team Pyro addresses sign gifts.

Continuationism and Credulity


Every charismatic I have ever discussed cessationism with ultimately admits that certain key features of the apostolic era are no longer in operation. For example, no one is writing new books of Scripture. No one can credibly claim to have raised the dead. The gifts of healing and prophecy claimed by today’s charismatics are not of the same character or quality as “the signs of a true apostle” (2 Corinthians 12:12).

In fact, all the charismatics I know who are basically orthodox when it comes to the gospel and the authority of Scripture will freely admit that there are not even any “true apostles” today—i.e., there is no one today whose teaching is infallible and authoritative in the same sense Peter’s and Paul’s apostolic ministries were.

What is that but a kind of selective cessationism?

I once also remarked that anyone who believes he truly does possess an apostolic-quality gift of healing ought to be exercising that gift in hospitals and in doctors’ waiting rooms, where such a gift could do the most good.

The opportunities for miracle-workers abound in some Asian cultures, if any real miracle-worker would step forward and seize the moment. For example, every train platform in every major city in India is swarming with beggars, most of whom are sick or seriously disabled. I have traveled extensively by train in India, sometimes with sincere charismatics (ranging from young YWAMers to old-line pentecostals; people coming from both Eastern and Western hemispheres). Never once have I met a charismatic who took the opportunity on one of those train platforms to perform—or even attempt—the kind of miracle Peter did in Acts 3:6-7. The only “healings” I’ve ever seen charismatics claim in India are the same unverifiable back-straightenings, leg-lengthenings, and other non-visible “cures” you can watch every week on Benny Hinn’s program.

In fact, the most spectacular “signs and wonders” I have ever witnessed from charismatics in India are the same laughter and animal noises that were sweeping Western charismatic churches ten years ago. And those phenomena were imported to Indian churches from Western sources.

Non-Christians in India are totally nonplused by such claims, because these are the same sort of phony miracles routinely claimed by almost every guru and mystic in Hinduism.

Comment: Consider my earlier post What about the sign gifts.

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