JP: Dave Doran comments on returning to the US after 5 weeks in Africa:

Maintaining Perspective


  • Remembering that the “roughing it” that I did in Africa was only temporary, whereas my hosts in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia live it 24/7/365. So far, every time I have gone overseas it was with a roundtrip ticket in my hand. As long as mine isn’t a one way ticket, I know it’s just a matter of days until I am back home to abundant creature comforts.
  • Listening to the testimony of a brother in Christ who was sentenced, along with his wife, to 1 ½ years in jail for his faith, but thankfully was only forced to serve 40 days of that sentence. With a smile, he told how he was able to lead four men to Christ in those forty days, so he figures going to jail was “worth it.”
  • Hearing, while at the Baptist Mid-Missions Conference, how the founder of that mission, William Haas, died on the field of Africa in 1924 and that the news of his death did not reach his wife until 14 months later! Here I was flying back and forth to Africa twice in the space of a month, and there was a time when the journey took months and commitment to it was almost a death sentence.
  • Having a pastor in my class in Zambia who, though almost ten years younger than me, has already experienced the death of two wives, yet serves the Lord with joy and faithfulness.
  • Boarding a plane from Atlanta to Detroit with about 30 members of the U.S. Army who were heading home for a short break from service in very difficult places—some of whom had not been home for many months. As an American, I was thrilled when our plane clapped with appreciation for their service and remained seated (except for one loser) so they could leave the plane first. Here were men (and women, sadly) who had left family and home to fight on foreign soil and had been gone for months, enduring real hardship for their country.

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