On racism and interracial marriage

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Sound Words: Only In the Lord (on Interracial Marriage)


There was a time when many fundamentalist Christians argued against interracial marriage on presumably biblical grounds. It was believed that interracial marriage was an attempt to rebel against God’s division of the races at Babel and a foretaste of the sinful uniting of humanity against God that will characterize the rule of the antichrist.

Such arguments against interracial marriage are flawed on a number of levels, particularly because they arise from a mishandling of the Scriptures. They wrongly assume that there is more than one human race (an idea which Mark Perry effectively disproves in this month’s feature article (Reconciling Scripture and the Problem of Racism [Editor: See link below]). Further, they wrongly assert that the distinctions made by God in Genesis 11:9 were physical and final, when in fact they were linguistic, geographical, and reversible. No one would argue, for example, that a European whose native language is German is forbidden on the basis of Genesis 11 from marrying one whose native language is English, or whose native land is Australia. The distinctions made at Babel were neither physical nor absolute. Finally, the union of mankind under the antichrist and against God will be sinful, political, economic, and religious, not ethnic (Revelation 13 and 17).

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Reconciling Scripture and the Problem of Racism


f we are speaking technically, there is really only one race: the human race. However, generally people refer to “race” as ethnicity or visible distinctions among various people groups. Among the endless possibilities of variation in physical appearance, a few traits have been arbitrarily selected that supposedly mark out different “races.”

Biblically speaking, every person is united as part of the human race. This fact can be proved along four lines.

The human race is united because all have been created in the image of God.

During the first week of history, God created the entire universe and every plant and animal that inhabited it. The plants were created to reproduce “each according to its kind” (Gen 1:11). The birds and sea creatures were created “according to their kind” (Gen 1:21). The animals were all made “according to their kinds” (Gen 1:25). Man was also created by God to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Gen 1:28). God created only one “kind” of human being, not many. What set apart the creation of human beings from the plants or animals was that God created man in His image (Gen 1:27). Man is not an advanced animal; rather, he is the special creation of God (Ps 8:4–8).

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