Randy Alcorn: on Debt


JP: Some brief thoughts on debt:

Randy Alcorn: Paying Down Debt and Giving

Through debt sometimes we unconsciously try to maneuver God into a position where he’s obligated to “provide” in the form of our future payments. In a role reversal, we set up the rules of the game and then expect God to play by them. Assuming the role of Master, we demote God to the obedient genie, who exists to underwrite our causes and fulfill our agendas. In such cases debt is not merely unwise, but evil.

God sometimes disciplines us by making us face the consequences of unnecessary debt. I commend you for recognizing that, and the rest of us should do the same. When we go into debt for illegitimate reasons, we go on our own. God isn’t party to our decision, and He isn’t obligated to fulfill our financial commitment, which we made outside the direction of His Word and His Spirit.

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