Authentic Italian food served the traditional Chinese way

Authentic Italian food served the traditional Chinese way

JP: From Tactics, A Game Plan for Discussing your Christian Convictions, p. 108

And other examples of views that self-destruct:

  • “There is no truth.” (is this statement the truth?)
  • “There are no absolutes.” (Is this an absolute?)
  • “No one can know any truth about religion.” (And how, precisely, did you come to know that truth about religion?)
  • “You can’t know anything for sure.” (Are you sure about that?)
  • “Talking about God is meaningless.” (What does this statement about God mean?)
  • “You can only know truth through experience.” (What experience taught you that truth?)
  • “Never take anyone’s advice on that issue.” (Should I take your advice on that issue)


… the Postmodern claim ‘There is no truth’ invites the obvious question: Is the claim that there is no truth itself a true statement, or is it false? (Ibid. p. 111)