What is Worship?

Worship John 4:24

JP: Scott Aniol on definitions of “Worship”:

What is Worship?


Godly men throughout history have tried to define worship:

  • Worship is the work of acknowledging the greatness of our covenant Lord (John Frame)(emphasis original).
  • Worship is the believers’ response of all that they are—mind, emotions, will, and body—to what God is and says and does (Warren Wiersbe).
  • To worship Jesus Christ is to attribute worth to Him (Joseph Carroll).
  • The worship of the church, then, consists of individual, cor­porate, public, and private service for the Lord which is gen­erated by a reverence for a submission to Him who is totally worthy (Charles Ryrie).
  • Worship is our innermost being responding with praise for all that God is, through our attitudes, actions, thoughts, and words, based on the truth of God as He has revealed Himself (John MacArthur).
  • Worship is the activity of glorifying God in his presence with our voices and hearts (Wayne Grudem).

All the controversy over what worship really is has driven believers to ask this very important question—What is worship? It is very important that we develop a sound, biblical definition of what it means to worship. To do so, we must go to the Scriptures. Any definition we contrive is insufficient unless it finds its basis in the Word of God.

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