“The flood took their lives”

JP: Sad news from Tri-City Baptist Church in Tempe. Please be praying for the families of these young men.

Church mourns youth drowned on Canyon trip; 2 still missing


The young men participated in their church’s annual hiking trip at the Grand Canyon last week, said Sproul.

About 30 people went on the trip.

Saif and Mark were among several non-Tri-City members on the trip.

Instead of using a bridge to cross the river, the youths found a trail around the bridge and decided to wade in the water before diving in.

Sproul said other hikers yelled at the young men, cautioning them to get out of the river, but Sproul wasn’t sure if the youths heard the warnings.

“As soon as you get in the water, you’re swept by the current,” Sproul said.

Mark’s body was discovered Friday, a mile south of where the trio was last seen.

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