On “dirtying up” your whole Bible

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JP: Jay Adams on the “anti-spine” of your Bible.

What Size Is Your Bible?


Because we all know what the “spine” of a book is; but whad’ja call the opposite part? You know, the part that you flip with your fingers? For the sake of a better term, let’s call it the “anti-spine.” OK?

We’ll, here’s how you can tell—If you’ve had your Bible for any length of time (and, of course, have used it), you’ll notice that there are places on the anti-spine that are dirtier than others. If . . . What? What did you say?

No. I’m not insinuating anything about whether or not you wash you hands before eating—or reading.
But, as I was saying, here’s the rule: the dirtier a part of the anti-spine, the likelihood that’s where you concentrate your reading.

What? . . . . You don’t believe me? OK, then, go ahead and look at the anti-spine on your Bible.

Aha! So, I was right. Well, now what are you going to do about it?

Right—start dirtying up the rest!

More …. a woman who wore out her Bible and got a replacement for free:

Encouraged by my Wife’s Torn Up Bible


My wife showed me how her Bible was falling apart. She had been reading this particular Bible since 2004 and now the binding was falling apart and threatening to come completely undone.

I was thankful and thrilled as I started thinking about all the days of reading, chewing, and thinking on the Scriptures that have led to this destruction. My wife’s steady Bible work was, at that moment, very attractive. Think about the accumulative effect of the daily intake of the Word. God steadily and continually reforms and conforms the minds of his saints by his powerful Word so that we might think his thoughts after him. What a privilege it is to be confronted and consoled with the divine Word.

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