Avoiding the Ditches

JP: Good article by David Stertzbach II of Tri-City Baptist Church (Greater Phoenix)

Avoiding the Ditches of Extremes


As we seek for this intimacy with Christ that is a natural desire, certainly for the regenerate man, we can fall prey to two types of extremism. Both extremes contain truth. And certainly the two are not mutually exclusive. But we tend to gravitate toward one or the other based on our nature and our nurture. We need to make conscious choices to compensate for our natural personalities and the influence of our backgrounds to avoid the extremes of intellectualism and emotionalism.

… intellectualism – where we worship knowledge instead of the God from Whom all knowledge comes – is a ditch to avoid on the road of life.

On the other hand, some of us in our attempt to shun intellectualism, overcompensate and stumble into the ditch of emotionalism. We worship feelings instead of the God Who created us in His image and allows us to experience those feelings.

Emotional experiences without a knowledge of God are dangerous just as an intellectual understanding about God without a passion for God is dangerous.

… we try not to get stuck in one ditch or the other. The cerebral folks in my church need to learn to feel rightly about God, not to idealize an emotionless intellectualism. And my touchy-feelies need to learn that just because they feel it doesn’t make it true. Our emotions should be trained to respond to spiritual truth.

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