Rolland McCune on General Revelation

General Revelation

For one to consider the beauty of the physical universe, the smile of a baby, the intricacies of the human eye, the aroma of a rose, the playful innocence of a kitten, the delicate design of a leaf, or the interplay of a clown fish among sea anemone; AND not to give glory to God as Creator; makes that one a fool!

JP: From A Systematic Theology, Rolland McCune, p. 40-41:

General revelation is God’s witness of Himself to all men, mediated through the created order.

General revelation is general in two senses:

  1. It is given to mankind in general.
  2. It gives a general knowledge of God.

General revelation conveys … no fewer than 16 propositions:

  1. God is (Genesis 19:1; Romans 1:19)
  2. God is Creator (Acts 14:15)
  3. God is uncreated (Acts 17:24)
  4. God is sustainer (Acts 17:25)
  5. God is sovereign (Acts 17:24,26)
  6. God is self-sufficient (Acts 17:25)
  7. God is transcendent (Acts 17:24)
  8. God is immanent (Acts 17:26-27)
  9. God is eternal (Romans 1:20)
  10. God is great (Psalm 8:3-4)
  11. God is powerful (Romans 1:20)
  12. God is good (Acts 14:17)
  13. God is wise (Psalm 104:24)
  14. God is righteous (Romans 1:32; 2:11)
  15. God should be worshiped (Acts 14:15; 17:24)
  16. God will judge evil (Romans 2:15-16)

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