Certainly not!

Perish the Thought

JP: Good read on “God Forbid!” from Romans (“Certainly not!” in the NKJV / Greek: μὴ γένοιτο). See them all here.

Image below has the Greek text of Romans 3:4 in light gray, μὴ γένοιτο is highlighted in blue. The four major English translations of this phrase are provided: “God Forbid!” (KJV), “Certainly not!” (NKJV), “May it never be!” (NASB), and “By no means!” (ESV).

The Ten Most Absurd Statements in the Book of Romans


As you read the NT, you find that the apostle Paul uses this formula a total of 14 times in his epistles, and always after a rhetorical question. In doing so, his point is to say that the idea expressed in that question is absolutely unthinkable, even abhorrent. In other words, this is the kind of thing that is so absurd that it shouldn’t even enter the believer’s mind as a possibility, and so it is repudiated by Paul in the strongest possible terms: me genoito!

This got me wondering what kinds of things were so outrageous to the apostle Paul that they are not even worthy of serious consideration. What I found were these, the ten most absurd statements in the book of Romans. According to Paul, the following ten assertions are so absurd that we shouldn’t even entertain the possibility that they are true

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