Strange Women … Strange Men

JP: Not in the sense of above (although some are pretty strange (and not even human!))

JP: Below are three articles that have the theme of “strange ….”:

Diane Heeney: Strange Men


Proverbs deals with the “strange woman”…but there are plenty of “strange men” out there too. And I don’t mean strange in the sense of wearing plaid polyester and orange high tops. I am not talking about the guy who brings marching band tapes along to listen to on your first date (yep, been there–oh, the stories I could tell…). I mean strange in the biblical sense, in that context of Proverbs 2. Here is what he looks like:

Biblical Horizons Newsletter: The Strange Woman


Proverbs 7:6-23 is one of several passages early in the Proverbs in which Solomon warns his son about the wiles and dangers of the “strange woman.” It is certainly quite proper to take these as straightforward warnings against sexual sins, and these are certainly warnings that need to be impressed upon the teenagers or young adults that are the primary target of Proverbs, not to mention older men and women subject to the same temptations.

At the same time, looking at these passages from the perspective of the whole Bible raises the suspicion that something more is going on here. Two biblical themes are in the background: First, the symbolic connection of adultery with idolatry (Jer. 2:20; 3:1-20; Ezk. 16; 23), and, second, the fact that the specific danger posed by “strange women” throughout the Bible is that they will entice one away from the Lord (Dt. 17:17; 1 Ki. 11:1-8; Ezra 9-10; Neh. 13:23-28). Moreover, the “wise woman” of Proverbs, ideal wife of the king, has a wider meaning than a mere female human being, so we can expect the “strange woman” to have a larger meaning also.

Chris Anderson: Help for Fighting Lust: Recognizing Flattery


It is often noted that men are aroused by visible stimuli and women by emotional—that men want the act of intimacy, while women want, well, intimacy. I think both concepts are so simplistic as to be unhelpful. First, statistics indicate that women partake of visual stimuli like pornography at a much higher rate than is normally assumed. Also, it should be obvious that women have desires that are physical, not just emotional. Second, and more essential to this study, the idea that men have a caveman-like desire to merely obtain the woman they see in order to satisfy a purely physical appetite is naïve. Certainly there are men who are visually and physically enticed and “dive in.” (Samson comes to mind.) But most men—and women—are tempted by something far more complex: flattery. What tempts us to immoral fantasies and actions is often more psychological than physical. Proverbs says so.

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