A worldwide secular religion known as environmentalism

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A Worldview that Leaves Me Cold


The brutal winter of 2009 is finally coming to an end in the Great Plains. Or is it? Temperatures across North Dakota have been five to 10 degrees below normal all winter long. Massive snowfalls have blanketed the Peace Garden State for months. As now, North Dakota is enduring an end-of-March blizzard.

The people of Fargo are paying the price. The ice-jammed Red River is cresting more than 40 feet over normal, flooding everything that isn’t protected by the heroic efforts of North Dakota citizens building up and maintaining the levies.

So, I ask you, what is the cause of all the cold, the snow, and the ice?

Global warming, of course!

According to Kate White, a civil engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, “climate change caused by global warming likely is changing ice conditions and adding to the unpredictability” of ice jams along the Red River, so she said.

Let me see if I get this. A “near-record snowpack,” along with below-normal temperatures, have led to more ice, which is acting unpredictably because of global warming?

What am I not getting here? I’ll tell you what I am getting—more proof that apocalyptic visions of global warming are driven by a particular worldview. Forget the facts.

Even President Obama, at least to some degree, has bought into it. Here’s what he had to say: “I actually think the science around climate change is real. . . . If you look at the flooding that’s going on right now in North Dakota . . . that indicates the degree to which we have to take this seriously.”

Record snow is the result of global warming?

As the New York Times relates, renowned physicist Freeman Dyson has called “climate change an ‘obsession’—the primary article of faith for ‘a worldwide secular religion’ known as environmentalism.” Dyson accuses the adherents of this religion of “relying too heavily on computer-generated climate models that foresee . . . imminent world devastation as icecaps melt, oceans rise and storms and plagues sweep the earth.”

Do You Have A Problem? Blame It On Global Warming!

No Matter What Happens, Someone Will Blame Global Warming


Global warming was blamed for everything from beasts gone wild to anorexic whales to the complete breakdown of human society this year — showing that no matter what it is and where it happens, scientists, explorers, politicians and those who track the Loch Ness Monster are comfortable scapegoating the weather.

FOXNews.com takes a look back at 10 things that global warming allegedly caused — or will no doubt soon be responsible for — as reported in the news around the world in 2008.

The list:

  • Media mogul Ted Turner said that global warming would turn us into cannibals.
  • Scotland’s Daily Mirror has reported that the Lock Nest Monster (Nessie) may be dead because of global warming.
  • The Associated Press has reported that global warming will cause an increase in the price of beer.
  • According to USAToday.com, giant pythons – big enough to eat alligators and people in a single mouthful – will be living in one-third of continental U.S. as a result of global warming.
  • The Globe and Mail reported that there will be an increase in people with kidney stones over the next 30 years because of global warming.
  • The Guardian reported that whales are significantly skinnier because of global warming.
  • The Guardian reported that an increase in fatal shark attacks was the result of global warming.
  • CNSNews.com reported that the 1993 crash of a U.S. military helicopter in Mogadishu (”Black Hawk Down”) should be blamed on global warming.
  • National Geographic reported that baby penguins froze to death in July because of global warming.
    The Daily Mail reported that killer stingrays will invade the beaches of England because of global warming.

JP: One global warming myth exposed

“Warming Island”—Another Global Warming Myth Exposed

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