Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View (Part 2)

JP: Part 2 of 3 part series by Dr. Robert V. McCabe of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Part 1.

Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View (Part 2)


Here we will note four of the most prominent alternative views that have arisen largely as a result of the advent of modern geology and its claims about the (old) age of the earth.

  1. Theistic evolution: This view … argues that God created inorganic matter that contained properties with the potential to evolve into the wide variety of life forms presently observable. [This view is] … that God “created” all current life forms over extended geological ages and through random mutations and natural selection.
  2. Day-age view: This position maintains that the six days of the creation week were six chronologically arranged geological ages.
  3. Gap theory: This interpretation maintains that that there was a gap of extended time between an original creation in Genesis 1:1 and a recreation, following divine judgment, in Genesis 1:2. This view is also appropriately known as the ruin-restoration theory.
  4. Framework interpretation: This recent interpretation teaches that Genesis 1:1–2:3 contains a historical account that has been shaped (or framed) for literary and theological ends. This means, therefore, that that the six days of creation in the creation account are not meant to represent history as it really happened.
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