Double Trouble

Proverbs 27:12

JP: The as always interesting Jay Adams on Trouble.

Double Trouble


“Trouble, trouble—always trouble!”

What’s your problem, friend?

“You know—if it isn’t the car breaking down, it’s the kids needing new shoes—or something. Never seems to end—trouble is endemic!”

Of course, there’s plenty of trouble—Adam brought that on us. But you don’t have to step into it all the time, everywhere.

Look. Since this is a world full of trouble, it only makes sense to spot the possibility of trouble, and steer clear of it. You can’t avoid all of it, but there is a lot of trouble you can if you work at it.

The writer also has another thing in mind—simply lying low and letting it go by. You don’t have to become embroiled in other people’s problems when they don’t concern you. Moreover, if you see trouble on the horizon, take a trip. Get out of Dodge! Got it?

“Yeah. Stop being naïve!”

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