Brave New World – Devaluing Human Life

JP: A couple of chilling articles about the devaluing of human life. Image above is from the film “Coma“, based on the bestselling novel of the same name. The theme of the book was the harvesting of organs!

Albert Mohler: The Fetus as Organ Factory — The Next Moral Frontier?


Speaking to a conference sponsored by the Oxford International Biomedical Centre, Professor Gardner was ostensibly speaking as an expert on stem cell research. Indeed the conference, “New Body Parts for Old: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine,” was itself ostensibly about embryonic stem cell research. Unexpectedly, Professor Gardner pushed the discussion to the next level.

Gardner’s proposal is to use kidney and liver tissues obtained from aborted fetuses in order to treat organ failure in patients. Indeed, Professor Gardner’s suggestion went further. He argued that fetal organs could be transplanted into adults. Experiments in mice, he said, indicate that these organs “grow extremely quickly.”

This is about as scary as the news can get. Here we confront a serious proposal to use aborted fetuses as factories for spare organs and tissues. Having commodified the human embryo and then allowing its destruction in the name of medical progress, the fetus is next in line.

Professor Stuart Campbell affirmed Gardner’s proposal, adding that, if fetuses are going to be aborted, “it is a shame to waste their organs.”

In other words, it is just fine to waste their lives and destroy their human dignity, but it is not fine to “waste their organs.”

Cal Thomas: Politicizing Faith and Life


It’s peculiar that President Obama sees himself as a “person of faith” when it comes to lifting restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, but he is an agnostic when it comes to abortion. Apparently, Obama’s faith serves his politics and not the reverse. According to the president, science, not faith, is to be primary, thus placing science ahead of God. We have seen the horrors humankind has visited on itself when science becomes primary and sacrosanct (even though science has often been wrong). One thinks of Dr. Josef Mengele’s experimentation on Jews, twins and all sorts of other people deemed by this medical scientist as being less than human and thus subject to his twisted scientific interpretations.

Politicians love to use faith when it is convenient and ignore it when it isn’t. Numerous Democratic politicians oppose capital punishment for convicted murderers, but will do nothing to stop the capital punishment of the unborn, the most innocent and weakest among us. It is a fraud perpetrated on the people and while some people may justify committing an evil act (killing embryos) for supposedly good ends (curing Parkinson’s Disease and other ailments), God is not mocked and sees through even the most clever politician. It ought to disturb all of us that the value of human life continues to decline nearly as fast as the stock market.

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