I want to be married … shouldn’t that have happened by now?

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Elisabeth Adams: One Single Day


I want to be married.

I can’t help it: I’ve heard the low voices of my grandparents, praying together every night before they went to sleep. I’ve seen my mother laughing hysterically, just because my dad doesn’t get her jokes … and his almost-hidden, teasing smile in response.

I experienced wonder and excitement when my four youngest siblings were born, and have helped them learn to walk, to read, and to enjoy God’s creation. Yes, my foremothers started young, but at my age, my grandmother had been married for eight years. At my age, my mother had four little girls. I’m old enough to be married, and I want to be married to the glory of God.

Shouldn’t that have happened by now?

At first I ask, How do I change this? Then, as resignation sets in, I wonder, How do I survive singleness? In particularly painful moments, I want to know more: Why should I be contented? Why should I stay the course? Does God see me? Does He even care?

Turns out I’ve been asking the wrong questions.

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