Total Depravity and Noodle Soup

JP: What does the teaching of “Total Depravity” have to do with “noodle soup”? Jay Adams explains:

Total Depravity and Noodle Soup


I enjoyed some more soup tonight; sorry, unless you come early tomorrow, there won’t be a bit left. Betty made a huge pot full. Mmmmmm! Just as good as yesterday!

Yes, we do believe in total depravity.

How is that possible when there is such a thing as homemade noodle soup? Well, if you truly understand the doctrine, you’ll see that the two are compatible.

You see, the doctrine of total depravity doesn’t mean, as has been scurrilously charged, that every man is as bad as he can possibly be. What it does mean is that man in his totality has been corrupted by the fall. Every part of man, including his brain, is affected adversely by sin.

The only people who approach the point of being as bad as possible, I suppose, are those who despise homemade noodle soup!

The key point note about man’s total depravity is that there is no lingering spark of spiritual life to which one may appeal. Rather, he is “dead” in trespasses and sin, so that he must be “quickened” (given life) in order to believe.

You see that in the case of Lydia, whose heart had to be “opened” to the truth in order for her to believe.

So, there is such a thing in the world as homemade noodle soup in spite of man’s depravity. Aren’t you glad? I am. Mmmmmmm!

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