March 8th – Spring Forward!

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this Saturday evening, March 7th.

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday March 8th!

More information on the history and practice of Daylight Savings Time is available here.

Comment … still a need to reset your clocks but …

No Change of Time
By Nahum Tate & Nicholas Brady

No change of time shall ever shock
My firm affection, Lord, to Thee;
For Thou hast always been a Rock,
A Fortress and Defense to me.
Thou my Deliverer art, my God;
My trust is in Thy mighty power:
Thou art my Shield from foes abroad;
At home, my Safeguard and my Tower.

To Thee I will address my prayer,
To whom all praise we justly owe;
So shall I, by Thy watchful care,
Be guarded safe from every foe.
Let the eternal Lord be praised,
The Rock on whose defense I rest:
O’er highest heavens His Name be raised,
Who me with His salvation blest.

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