Tired of the feeble Gospel!

JP: Jay Adams on The Gospel:


The fact that some of us are tired of hearing weak, feeble presentations of the gospel that sometimes come even from those we respect in other ways.

“Such as?”

Such as ‘Take Jesus into your heart.’ Show me anything comparable to that in Scripture!

“OK. What else?”

‘Let me share Jesus with you.’ Or the bare, ‘Trust Jesus as your Savior’ and the lot. Many of them present Jesus as an add-on Who merely makes life more pleasant.

“Well . . . “

No ‘Wells’ about it—that’s not preaching the gospel.

“OK, then, how do you preach it?”

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JP: Thankfully Fourth Baptist Church which is “famous for the Gospel” eschews “the feeble Gospel”! Jay Adams recently celebrated his 80th birthday!

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