Clash of views about “The Blue Marble”

JP: The above photo is the famous “Blue Marble” made famous by photos from Apollo 17. Jay Adam’s article below critiques environmental extremism and presents a Biblical view of “The Blue Marble”.

Environmental Extremism: A One World View


No intelligent and dedicated Christian wants to debate the idea that we ought to be judicious about how we conduct ourselves in the planet that God has given us to inhabit and enjoy. Reasonable conservation is, of course, nothing more than good stewardship of those bounties. We applaud efforts at reforestation, preservation of Natural Wonders, and the like. But our views of the earth ought to collide with those of the environmental extremists who are more concerned about snail darters than about the livelihood of hardworking farmers whose efforts to earn a living are impeded by them.

The unbeliever has but one world. He knows nothing of another world to come. He Clings to every aspect of the present world‘s assets because, as he believes, once they “perish” they are gone forever. No wonder he is goes to lengths to preserve all that he can. But the Christian looks forward to a new heavens and a new earth that will be so far superior to the present one that he cannot stake everything on what now exists. He looks on the present world as a marvelous creation, in which God had provided all things for us to use and enjoy now-insofar as we can since it is under the curse of sin. Because of that cures, however, nothing will remain forever. Indeed, the book of Ecclesiastes was written to point out that nothing is permanent. And, in that book, like Paul, Solomon tells us to enjoy what we can so long as we are here and the deteriorating world in which we live continues as it is. The clash in opinions that occurs over various environmental issues is, in reality, a clash of a one-world and a two-world view of existence.

About the “Blue Marble” photo, click for examples show how it has been used (and abused) over the years

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Animated 2nd gen “blue marble”

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