Identity must be formed “in Christ”

JP: John Street and I were in seminary together. Good article. Note references in Romans.

Hope, Holiness, and Homosexuality


Who they are “in Christ” must be the planet around which all their thoughts and actions orbit. This is more than just a metaphor, it has to do with how Christians view themselves—as undeserving sinners who enjoy the gracious provisions and righteousness of Christ in order to have full acceptance with God the Father. Gospel-centered counseling and discipleship is critical to establish early.

When their thought-life is practiced “in Christ” it brings hope and change to thoughts, desires and behaviors. They think and act in new ways abandoning homosexual and effeminate dress, words and mannerisms. It is especially effective to faithfully teach the principles of Romans 6:1–14 while recalling the earlier context of Romans 1:24–27. How Christians view themselves and their position in Christ will greatly affect their change and growth in sanctification. A Christian tempted by homosexual (or lesbian) desires is not a homosexual, he or she is a Christian! This thought and all of its theological richness is vital to understand if your counselee is going to possess the perseverance to defeat this foe.

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