Mystery Guest Coffee (2/7/09)

Margaret and Lois were our Mystery Guests today.

I don’t think anyone decoded the clues presented here

Clues decoded:

  • Two for the price of one! (Answer: 2 guests)
  • Initials same as “a full service dealer for Construction, Material Handling and Farming Equipment”. (Answer: Google the phrase …. M & L
    , Initials M & L)
  • Not all Mystery Guests have to be ♂. Some can be ♀ (Answer: Women)
  • Spent considerable time in health care industry (Answer: Margaret is a retired nurse)
  • Audiophile (Answer: Margaret loves music and sings the the choir)
  • Spent time in the country whose capital is Abuja (Answer: Margaret served in Nigeria for 5 years)
  • Initials same as a “major provider of drive-away transportation services throughout the United States.” (Answer: Google the phrase …. M&L Transport … note the logo and the initials)
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