Liberian roads and bridges

Pictures from Missionary Mark Sheppard (Liberia)

From January 25 to 31 we traveled deep into the Bassa region of Liberia to take part in the yearly FIBA conference. For about two thirds of the way we had good roads but then had to drive over a very rutted road

with many questionable bridges (actually, two of them were not “questionable”; they were definitely dangerous!).

Mark is Dick Sheppard’s nephew. More about Mark and Nancy Sheppard here. They minister with Baptist Mid Missions in Liberia. We’ve had them in our home!

More on the needs in Liberia here:

Since Liberia’s Civil War in 1989, Baptist Mid-Missions has had to evacuate all its missionaries on two occasions. From 1998 through 2003 we had no resident BMM missionaries in Liberia though visits have been made for ongoing encouragement of church and Bible institute leaders. In July 2004, Mark and Nancy Sheppard and their family returned for resident missionary service. Much attention is being given to leadership development as maturing churches continue to be responsible for their own growth. Ministry is being conducted among Liberian refugees in Ivory Coast.

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